Apple’s iOS 8 included one more surprise

Software updates from Apple have routinely created massive increases in Internet downloads, creating traffic jams around the world as millions of users and end devices update to the latest and greatest version of iOS or OS X. Today’s release of iOS 8 for iPhones and iPads has been no different. As DeepField monitors a significant…Read More »

Press Release: Five New Major Customer Wins For Breakthrough Big Data Platform

DeepField, the leading provider of Big Data solutions for Cloud Providers, Telecom and Cable Operators announced today five new large contracts for their Singularity™ Big Data platform and Cloud Intelligence™ application. The DeepField solution provides real-time analytics into cost, performance, and quality of experience across tens of millions of customers and terabytes of streaming data…Read More »

Internet Security Fail

The Internet learned last night of a massive, wide-spread security vulnerability. Like something out of a bad Hollywood movie (see SwordFish), the default standard implementation of SSL was suddenly compromised. Badly. As in 30 lines of Python gives you remote private keys and passwords to tens of millions of sites. The Heartbleed vulnerability is simply…Read More »

Netflix House of Cards Season 2

Maybe it was love and millions enjoying a romantic night out. Or maybe it was a US electorate increasingly tired of politicians both real and fictional. Either way, Netflix’s release of House of Cards last Friday failed to generate the same jump in both traffic and number of subscribers as season one. The below graph…Read More »

What do you get for a Super Bowl ad and a free song download?

It gets you $8M if you are Bono and (RED). (update: shows $2M as the donation maximum. iTunes shows $8M as the number. Either way, success!) One of the early commercials for Super Bowl XLVIII 2014 was of U2 performing 60 seconds of their new song Invisible. At the end was a message that…Read More »

Press Release: Multi-year Contract from a Major North American MSO

DeepField, a leading provider of engineering and Network Analytics solutions for Carriers, CDNs and ISPs, announced today a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract from a major North American MSO for their largest instance of the DeepField Cloud Intelligence solution. DeepField Cloud Intelligence provides unprecedented visibility into Internet services and cloud infrastructure using next-generation big data analytics…Read More »

Cyber Monday 2013

Last year we published a report showing just how big a deal Cyber Monday is for retailers. This year was no exception, new sales records being set not just for Cyber Monday but even on Thanksgiving. For this year we decided to do something slightly different than last year. We picked out a number of…Read More »

Quick graph of AWS outage

At 18:40 UTC Amazon Web Services reported performance issues for their North Virginia datacenter. The performance issues impacted services such as EC2, S3, SES, RDS, and Mechanical Turk among others. I decided to quickly pull some data together on what that looks like across a heterogeneous sample of North American Internet Service Providers. Below you…Read More »


A quick graph of Google’s outage today. The below graph shows traffic to Google data centers across a diverse set of large North American providers. The outage impacting Google mail, search and drive services began at 6:45pm EST August 16 with services gradually returning to normal traffic volumes over the next hour. The graph does…Read More »

DeepField Cloud Intelligence Now Available!

 FLAGSHIP CLOUD ANALYTICS PRODUCT DeepField Cloud Intelligence Deployed Across 1/5 of US Internet ANN ARBOR, Mich., August 1, 2013 — DeepField announced today the general availability of its flagship Cloud Intelligence™ product. DeepField Cloud Intelligence provides real-time management of cloud and over-the-top services to dramatically improve performance and reduce…Read More »